Animated Illustration: Typhoon Lagoon

Inspired by Disney's Typhoon Lagoon waterpark at the Walt Disney World resort. The theming of Typhoon Lagoon tells the story of a small fishing village that reinvented itself as a waterpark after being turned upside-down by a freak storm. The centerpiece of the park is Miss Tilly; a fishing trawler left stranded by the storm atop Mount May Day. Every 30 minutes, a geyser erupts from Miss Tilly's smokestack, showering guests below in water.

As a personal project, I wanted to recreate Typhoon Lagoon's centerpiece as an animated illustration. I made all assets in Adobe Illustrator, and added animation and VFX using Adobe After Effects.

Miss Tilly asset used in animated illustration.

I made this vector in Adobe Illustrator.

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